Pure / Electric Love "What do you want?" - Eri Kitami - Simulation Electric LoveA love-likeness pseudo-talk... 3.4
Survive the West Action You are spawning in a western open world, ful... 3.6
Z Dawn Indie IntroThe Z infection was spread, the world ev... 3.5
The Goatman Action StoryIt all began on February 23, 2019 with a... 3.0
Hope of humanity Adventure The idea of the game is to build your space s... 3.8
Debris Action Debris is an indie survival pixelart game wit... 3.8
NavalArt Indie NavalArtqq 687162505 NavalArtbugpcNavalArt,ph... 4.7
RapStar Tycoon Indie Go down in history of rap in RapStar Tycoon.... 4.0
Red Rover Simulation MARS, IRL! (sort of)When I was a kid, there w... 3.6
PLAYNE : The Meditation Game Simulation You are the wandererAt your ripe old age of 4... 3.8
No Heroes Here Misc NO HEROES HERE is a co-op game for one to... 4.3
RECOG The First Wave Indie Advanced Cognitive Relay, a.k.a. RECOG: The c... 4.8
Gambit Heart Adventure Gambit Heart is a Rogue-lite Turn-based Tacti... 4.0
SurvivalZ Battlegrounds Action Please consider buying only if you wish to su... 3.5
Running Through Russia 2 Action Still remember Running Through Russia? Meet... 3.8
Traffic Giant Simulation Traffic Giant is an amazing simulation game t... 3.8
DORIFTO CHALLENGE Indie >>> || Hi all, this is my second gam... 4.5
Escape the Grid VR Simulation Escape the Grid VR is a two men project made... 4.3
Turbo Soccer VR Action Turbo Soccer VR is a soccer simulator designe... 4.5
Wars of Succession Simulation Ageods Wars of Succession is a new game desig... 4.4
Apocalypse Rider Action In the scorched wasteland speed is all that m... 4.3
Footy Ball Tournament 2018 Action The auto-run football game with fast, high-te... 3.7
Russia World Cup 2018 Indie - The 32 teams have been drawn and placed in... 4.1
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